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From Ron in Ohio:

We indeed adopted a very exceptional blue merle Aussie -- Ace -- from Amy at 

TwinCreek.  Ace is everything we wanted in an Aussie -- super-friendly (to both humans 

and to other dogs), loyal, focused, attentive, driven, bold, highly intelligent, healthy, 

very trainable, athletic, affectionate -- and also drop-dead gorgeous (photo attached). 

 He's also excelled at agility, having earned the major venue agility championships, and 

also loves to swim, retrieve, and go on long walks.  Most importantly, he's a great friend 

and companion.

I've known Amy for many years (since early or mid 1990s) and in my opinion, 

she is bright, ethical, trustworthy, conscientious, and into Aussies for all the right

 reasons -- namely, to improve the breed, and not in it for money.

Based on my long-standing personal knowledge of Amy and my outstanding 

success with Ace, I certainly would not hesitate to get another Aussie puppy from her.

From Tina in Canada:

I have bought 3 puppies from Amy in the past 7 years, all sight unseen, all based on her word and opinion of them, and 

her knowing what I want.  I do agility so am specific about my needs.  Also, because we are a 5-dog family, we 

have personality needs as well.  Each puppy lived up exactly to Amy's perceptions, personality-wise.  They are all 

different from each other, but all exactly true to Amy's perceptions.  I adore each of them, and they have all been extremely 

successful in AAC agility, all ATChC's at young ages, National rankings, placings at National Championships,etc.

I totally trust Amy's judgement as far as picking the"right" puppy for me and hope she can pick another one for me this year.  

She has a great "eye" and has done a wonderful job of sending me wonderful puppies.  They are all athletic, wicked smart, 

sensitive, eager to please and extremely sweet natured, with people and other dogs.  Gator is very high drive and a barker, 

but I knew about that when she sent him to me; he has been a brilliant agility dog. Tundra and Reety  are not as high-drive 

until we get into the ring; then they too turn on the jets.


From Sessin & Lorna in Albuquerque, NM:

To understand about our dogs,� you have to know a little about us.� My name is Lorna & my husband is an artist.� Because we did 
the artshows & had to travel all the time, we thought we'd never get a dog.� But we always babysat our friend's dogs.� Our favorite dog that 
we babysat was an Aussie (blue merle) & when the owners moved away... we missed the dog enough to start considering getting our own.� 
Went to rescue groups, talked w/ breeders, etc & nothing clicked.� Thought it was just as well cause our lifestyle wasn't really a great one for a 
dog & gave up.  But I continued reading all about Aussies on the web & somehow or another, followed some links that were on the Aussie articles 
that led me to Twincreek Aussies.� Pulled up the "Available" page & there was this Black Tri that swept me off my feet.� We thought we'd get a 
Blue Merle... so it was a surprise how we both reacted to the picture of the black tri w/ black face.� Called Twin Creek & were delighted they 
were also in Ohio (we were in Columbus at the time).� Mark was coming to Columbus anyway & brought the black tri they had named Barney.  
I have to tell you, we were soo nervous... I grew up w/ dogs but my husband had never had a dog ever.� We had talked about getting one for 20 
years & Barney was older (about 5 months!)...wondered if we could manage it & actually talked Mark into letting us keep him overnite.� 
They never do that... they're very protective of their babies... but they must have trusted us.� Thank heavens he did cause we have 3 cats & the 
cats took to Barney immediately.� He was soo gentle w/ them.... that we knew he was going to be a great dog.
We did alot of horseshows besides the artshows & were exposed to alot of dogs... and alot of Aussies.� The Twin Creek Aussies have bigger 
bones & are calmer than most of the Aussies we met.  So we got Barney.� Since he was older it took a little longer to housebreak him but once
 trained.... he never had a problem.� We took him to all the shows & he thought it was his job of protecting us & the van seriously.� It's 
somewhat hilarious cause he's not a barker... he just stares & if you didn't know him...� you'd think twice before breaking into the van!  
When we moved to Albuquerque because my husband took a job to get off the road.... Barney got depressed.� He no longer had a job cause 
we weren't traveling anymore.� I emailed Amy & told her our situation.� I did not want to get another dog that would mess up Barney... it had 
to have a personality that would be a good fit.� Amy knows Barney well, and she knew I didn't care if was a blue merle, or black tri.... just had 
to mesh w/ our beloved Barney.� We were leaning toward a black tri cause we loved Barney soo much... but it was personality first.  Amy picked
 this beautiful blue merle & shipped him to us.� I have to tell you my husband was not keen on buying a dog sight unseen but I trusted Amy.� 
She flew the pup to us & we picked him up... it was love at first site!� Not just for us but for Barney too!



From Mike Mandelert who bought CH TwinCreek's Blue Glacier "Glacier" (Ch Briarbrooks Silversmith X Ch Sunnyrains Mystical Presence)

Hey Amy,

Just wanted you to know that your dogs have great personalities and temperament. Glacier attended a birthday party with a wild 

pack of 4 and 5 year old kids and behaved wonderfully.  At one point, one little girl was roughing up the fur on his back, amazed at how soft 

he was, while another had him in a headlock. He was totally fine with it all. On the other hand, Mattie had to stay in the car and she was 

happy to sleep on the front seat. Little kids scare her, now that she is old and frail. I know Aussies get a bad reputation for being 

around children, but our guy does just fine.


Mike Mandelert










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